UART 2 multiplexed


I’m using Q2686H starter kit (with OS 6.10.05 and Firmware R72_00).

I need to establish com with 2 serial devices and I want to use the uart1 for debug/download purpose (because it is by default on Q26 board).
But Q26 provides 2 uart and not 3.

How can I do ?

Try to use multiplex on UART 2 ? Is the adl provide function to manage such a multiplex ? But what happens if the 2 devices want to communicate with the board at the same time ?

Sorry if the questions are stupid but I’m newbie and I need to learn :slight_smile:


Not directly - you would have to implement it yourself.

Obviously, you have to provide the external multiplexing hardware yourself!

Alternatively, UART chips are available with I2C and SPI interfaces…

Note that you can still use a UART for debug and still have it connected to external devices - see: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=2509&p=11123#p11123

Thank you !

Just another question; it is possible to simulate uart (9600 baud for example) throught a set of gpio ?

No, not under Open-AT - it’s not that “real” time

Note that it is also possible to use the USB connection to the PC for debugging - but that falls apart whenever the unit restarts… :frowning: