Q2686 UART2 BAUD Capabilities

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We are using the open UART interface on UART2 to communicate with an external microcontroller. We are having some problems where the BAUD rate of the UART is not matching what we set in the ADL application. I was trying to find out if there are only certain BAUD rates that are compatible, as the Q2686 datasheet says to check the AT command user guide for BAUD rate options, but the ADL user guide has the option for a user define baud rate - “according to its capabilities”.

My question is: Can the Q2686 support any random baud rate when using the open UART interface i.e. what are its capabilities, or is it constrained to the baud rates listed in the AT command user guide?

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Yes,using UART_RATE_USER_DEF you can configure the UART service provider (according to its capabilities)
speed in an open way.To do this,this value needs to be “ored” with the actual speed wished by the
service user.

Any idea where I can find the capabilities (Such as BAUD resolutions and accuracy)?

I guess that they intend that you see the sUartCap_t structure documentation in the ADL User Guide.

However, the only information on speed capabilities seems to be in the form of the eUartRate_t enumeration - which just lists the standard rates, plus “Auto Baud” and “User-Defined”.

I guess you just have to look at the highest-supported standard rate, and not exceed that…?

Yeah, looks like that’s the only information. Would be nice to know what the BAUD accuracy is for various different BAUDs. For example, we need to use 56000, but what is the % error at 56000 for the Q2686? If it’s 0% error across the entire range of bauds from 300 to MAX, well thats good and pretty darn impressive!


I’m using Q2686 uart2 to acquire the data from external device, I acquire max of 65 bytes at once(may be once in 20 min) , now the problem is it acquires properly for some 10 times then it wont acquire anything , if I restart the q2686 module , again it acquires the data for 10 times .

what may be the problem ?

How to reset the UART2 part alone…?


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