Creating a new configuration (DS 2.3.0)

I just created a new project, and added a Configuration, based on the “default” configuration created with the Project.

The “default” configuration built OK, but the added one failed with linker errors about section overlaps!

Looking at the gcc.lkopt files, the added Configuration was identical to the “default” - except that the RAM_MAP and ROM_MAP origins were both Zero! :open_mouth:

Why would it do that :question: :confused:

I realise that I added the Configuration before I had ever built the new project - is that wrong?

Is it necessary to build a new project before adding Configurations to it :question:

There are 2 ways to add a new build configuration:

  • Through the Eclipse CDT wizard (Manage Build Configurations dialog, Add button…) with many options and traps…
  • Through the New Open AT Configuration wizard provided by DS, which is the recommended way (project right-click menu > New > Open AT Configuration)

The symptoms you have sound like issues related to “badly” created configuration through CDT wizard.
Could you give a try with New Open AT Configuration wizard?

Yes, that was the one

Don’t you just loveEclipse…


In which DS version was it introduced?

AFAIR, since version 1.0 :slight_smile: