Dependency selection during project creation

Seems there are issues with dependency selection during project creation at the last page.

After creating the project and checking the project references, only the first in the list that was checked at the last page is included and I have to check the references again.

Just gave a try, and we don’t reproduce this issue (both libs are correctly linked to the project).
What DS version are you using?
Can you make another try, and attach here the zipped workspace log (/.metadata/.log)?

Attached entire test workspace as well as two images that illustrate what I mean…
In toolchains and configurations I set dependencies, but in project preferences afterwards, only one project is checked instead of both…

Dev Studio version 2.3.0 (Build Version (598 KB)

Ok, we didn’t reproduce the issue because it is fixed in the current development version.
But we can reproduce it in DS 2.3.0
The fix will be integrated in the next DS release.