DS 2.3.0 - Project Revision Control

The .settings\com.swi.cdt.settings.prefs file seems to contain just user GUI settings?

So can this file be omitted from Revision Control :question:

Any others :question:

This particular file persists the currently active Build Configuration at project level (otherwise it will be “random” when the project is freshly extracted/imported from source control).
Globally speaking, .settings directory should be entirely kept in configuration management (along with .project & .cproject files from the root project directory).

So I don’t want that under revision control - otherwise the project shows as “dirty” just because someone tried looking at a different Configuration!

That’s fine.
You can probably “mark” it to be ignored by your version control system. DS will be fine with that, and is able to recover the project correctly even if the file doesn’t exist.