Create New Include Folder


I think it would be useful to have a single-step process to add a new Include Folder;
ie, add a ‘Source’ folder and add it to the Includes list in one operation.

Currently, this has to be done as 2 separate steps (3 steps if you include adding it for both C and C++)


Yes, another item added to the list of improvements to be made on basic C projects operations.
FYI, we’re expecting to implement these improvements in a middle-term release (can’t promise it’ll be the next one), and we’ll try to contribute them in the main Eclipse trunk, since this they would be reused out of Open AT projects context.


As you may have guessed, DS is currently the only Eclipse-based IDE that I use for ‘C’ development - hence I’m not familiar with the distinctions between what’s generic Eclipse, and what’s specifically DS.

This may change quite soon…


To try making things clear, what is “DS-specific”:

  • toolchains parametrization for ARM CPUs (GCCs, ARM compilers) + error parsers
  • all stuff about Open AT (project creation wizard, Open AT OS/Plug-in packages dependencies management, Open AT project property pages)
  • obviously, Package Manager & Target Management perspectives

Other things around C projects management are Eclipse built-in (include paths/symbols settings management, builder dependencies behavior, etc…)