Configuring GX devices for VPN failover...

I need to configure 8 GX devices (400, 440, 450) for VPN failover, but every time I try to configure the secondary tunnel information OR configure the VPN failover, the modem gets screwy and makes it difficult for me to reconnect to it from the outside static IP. It then ALSO fails to connect to the Cisco ASA on the other end of the tunnel (does not reply to IKE initiator). If I then disable the secondary tunnel AND make sure that the failover policies are set to None for primary and None for secondary, the primary tunnel will come back up and work fine. I do have DPD configured on the primary tunnel (VPN1). Any help would be appreciated.


Please contact your reseller for further assistance. If you do not know who your reseller is, or they could not provide you the proper support you’re looking for, please create a ticket with us here: