Airlink VPN Failover does not revert back to Primary

GX-450 running ALEOS 4.9.4

GX-450 with two IPSec tunnels pointed to a dual-WAN Cisco router does not revert back to the primary VPN automatically. After a successful failover to the backup VPN, after restoration of the Cisco’s primary WAN side, only after a reboot of the GX-450 does the primary reconnect. Then in the event of it’s failure, fails over to the backup VPN successfully, however the primary VPN is always listed is “Failed” after that initial failover event.

Configuration Details:
Phase I and II SA lifetimes are at max
DPD is at 300
PFS is on

Thanks ahead of time for any recommendations,

Hi @dialedinterfaces,

Could you please share your VPN1,VPN2 and Failover configuration?
You can hide sensitive information such as IP.


Morning cherokee,

Thanks for the inquiry. Please see the uploaded captures. These were taken this morning after a reboot as a failover occurred overnight.

Both tunnels point towards a dual wan Cisco router, and there are two remote locations that use the same GX450 as it’s gateway.

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Apologies, you also asked for the failover config, see below.RemoteSite_VPNFailover_Config