I have a point to point IPSec VPN established between GX450 and Fortigate router. The tunnel is connected and all configuration is correct on each end (I have 3 other tunnels to GX450s configured and running). I can see inbound traffic on the Fortigate but no outbound. The log on the GX450 has two lines, which I suspect is the traffic issue:

Feb 9 01:49:14 err ALEOS_VPN: ipsec_wrapper: VPNFO is disabled due to wrong ID of primary or secondary VPN ID
Feb 9 01:49:14 info ALEOS_VPN: ipsec_wrapper: VPNFO VPN 5 is included due to VPNFO is OFF

Any ideas what this error is?

Thank you!


Did you ever figure out this issue? We are running into the same problem.


I am also having the same problem. If there is a solution please post it here.