configuration to access computer behind gx440 gateway


I have the following devices connected and need some help configuring it.

laptop_1===>gx440_1 gx440_2<===laptop_2

I want to get laptop_1 to ping/talk to laptop_2 through my private network but have been unsuccessful. I am able from laptop_1 to gx440_2 but cannot get behind gx440_2 to get to laptop_2.

Please help.


Is your private network mobile terminated?
Alternatively, if you use VPN server, you might be able to have the two GX’s talk through the VPN, but this would probably require Hub and Spoke design, with the server in the center.


What do you mean by mobile terminated?

My devices do not have direct internet access. It is on a zero tunnel private network. How to I connect wirelessly to the Airlink gx440?

PC ----wireless_connection----> GX400----Wired_connection—>IP_Camera

How do I log into my IP_camera from my PC with the above connection? Is this possible with a device with no DIA?

How do I “home” my gx440 to my corporate network?