Working VPN / IPSEC Tunnel / GRE Tunnel server or configuration for XR80?

I support a law enforcement agency with 30 XR80s in the field. I see they support IPSEC Tunnels as well as GRE. I have fought and fought several VPN and IPSEC Tunnel configurations to work with our router with no success. What is a good VPN server out there that can get these XR80s to Phone Home successfully. Any configuration examples gentlemen? Please. I know I can get the Sierra server just for this, but honestly there is not enough in the budget.

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Please kindly refer to the “Configuring VPN” section at the following URL:


I have been through that document fir days. My question is not how to configure VPN on the Sierra unit but what VPN settings and or server software is compatible on the other end since nothing I try in pfsense, opnsense mikrotik or Microsoft appear to function.

I too have been fighting this. Trying to get the XR80’s to VPN back to a Fortigate. I can get the tunnel to come up, but can’t get traffic to go over that tunnel. Not sure if you got stuck there too?

Up please… Same problem with a OpenVpn conf… I can’t find where i can put the conf file in the SIerra XR80

I was finally able to get mine working. For me, it turned out to be the type of LTE plan that we had with Verizon. We changed to the plans to Fixed Wireless and they work.