Configure communication error

I am trying to POST to /api/v1/operations/systems/configure. When checking the status on the monitor page, I am given an error reading “Communication identifiers are missing for the system.”

A little background on this, we have been manufacturing an LTE product for the last 2 years. Everything is working with this process. Now, we are wanting to ship products to other parts of the world and only use Ethernet for system monitoring. I am having trouble getting things configured properly.

Any idea why this stage of the process would be failing? What am I missing? Any advice for setting up non-LTE communication would be appreciated.


Hello Chelsey,

If you want to configure the communication with a device, that means the device and AirVantage can communicate (to send this new configuration and to send the heartbeat to AV). Consequently, the device must be identified using a communication identifier.
Your system doesn’t have such id declared so the communication will be impossible.

How to fix this?
You must declare a firmware which id you want to use as the comm-id (imei, serial number). I propose to come back to your Sierra wireless technical sales to drive this in the right direction.