Command handlers do not send response

I try to send MMS via AirLink GL6110.
I am new in Open AT and in all this -SIM/SMS/MMS/GPRS- infrastructure.

I use Developer Studio Build Version and I try to work with MMS example from WIP plugin package. This example does not work for me. And i try to understand what is wrong. And i have many questions…

One of them why AT-commands from the example don’t send response: “OK”/“ERROR”/“something else”.
Here the code of AT+GPRS handler:

static void gprs_hdlr(adl_atCmdPreParser_t* params)
	  TRACE (( 1, "IN GPRS_HDLR: start" ));

	if(params->Type == ADL_CMD_TYPE_PARA)
		if(params->NbPara == 3)
			  TRACE (( 1, "IN GPRS_HDLR: params=3" ));

			  TRACE (( 1, "IN GPRS_HDLR: starting gprs" ));

			  TRACE (( 1, "IN GPRS_HDLR: after starting gprs" ));
			  TRACE (( 1, "IN GPRS_HDLR: sending ERROR" ));
	else if(params->Type == ADL_CMD_TYPE_TEST)
		  TRACE (( 1, "IN GPRS_HDLR: type = test" ));
        ascii buf[256] = {0};

        wm_sprintf(buf,"\r\n+GPRS: 32,32,32\r\n");

this handler is subscribed in such way:

adl_atCmdSubscribe("AT+GPRS",gprs_hdlr,(ADL_CMD_TYPE_TEST | ADL_CMD_TYPE_PARA | 


I know that handler code is executed (i know this from TRACE messages) when i type something like <at+gprs=“sdfsf”,“sdfsdf”,“dfsf”>, but there is no answer “OK” in console. Why? What is wrong with adl_atSendResponse(ADL_AT_RSP,"\r\nOK\r\n") command? Or this is right behavior?

Packages are used:
SDK profile: Open AT Embedded Software Suite (2.32.0.xxxx)
OS: Open AT OS (
Plugin: WIP

i reinstall Developer Studio and update firmware, so now configuration is:

Developer Studio: Build Version
SDK profile: Open AT Embedded Software Suite (2.34.0.xxxx)
OS: Open AT OS (6.34.0.xxxx)
Firmware: 7.44.0.xxxx
Plugin: WIP 5.40.0.xxxx

I can now send mms via mms example from WIP plugin, but the question still remained: why there is no responses from at-command handlers?
Actually i can get these responses but only after sending “at” command. I attached picture from which you can see that response “Enter MMS details:…” from at+gprs command appeared only after “at” command. Why? Is it right behavior?

Also there is no “" symbols while executing at+mmspic command in Developer Studio. This command is for file downloading. When i execute this command in HyperTerminal it executes well, i attached screenshot log_b.jpg. When i execute this command in Developer Studio there is no any "” symbol in console. Why? And is it possible to send file via Developer Studio for this at+mmspic command?


I had some legacy product, it used AC750, to send and receive short message from PC, the application using VC6 and library: Swi32_AC710.lib, it was running fine, now I bought AirCard® 313U, and try to implement the same functions, my questions are:

  1. Can I still using Visual Studio to make a application and communicate with the Modem? if yes, what kind of library I have to import? is there some examples?
  2. If I have to use Developer Studio? how to integrate with other application(such as save short message to DB), is there a similar example
  3. Is the AirCard 313U correct device? if not, which one I should use?

Really appreciate your help


Hello Jack,
As far as i understand, you are trying to send/receive SMS messages and control these SMSes over a desktop application written on Visual Studio? Is that right?
If it is, then you can make a simple logic by yourself insead of using any library. Just check the AT commands manual documantation of your module product. There are a few AT commands about managing SMSes.
In your desktop application, you should execute these AT commands in order to send sms for instance. Your application should open a serial port interface and should send related AT command over the serial port object. You can also catch the SMS indication so that you can read your new incoming SMSes.
Hope i didnt take wrong.

Thank Zafer

But to manage all those SMS need a lot of work, such as manage a SIM, bit ecoding, timeout etc. I feel pain, Sierra used have a inbox and outbox example under Visual Studio in their legacy AirCard, why they have to swtich to Developer Studio? just because of open source?