Send MMS via GL6110 USB


I just want to send MMS with GL6110. Please give me instructions ( or direction ) on how to do this. I need to use AT commands for this, do i? How to send AT commands? What programs i can use to send these commands?

I read “AT Commands Interface Guide for Firmware 7.44” but it is difficult to find useful information because i do not know anything about sending MMS with such devices. And i am not sure that such reading is right direction. May be i need to read some other documentation.

I guess it not possible to send MMS using AT commands.You can refer to the sample application for MMS that is available in the Open AT Software suite under WIP plug in section.

See the Application Note WM_DEV_OAT_APN_020, “AirPrime Multimedia Message Service”

For some reason, this isn’t listed under the AirLink GL61x0 downloads - but you can find it, for example, under the Fastrack XTend: … ev002.ashx

thanks, i try to work with MMS example from WIP plugin package now.

there’s an example of how to send an mms using AT commands in the WIPAT_Commands_User_Guide_5.41.pdf on page 103