No response to AT+WIOM


I am using Airprime Q2687RD, FW R.7.43. I can not get any callback function response of my adl_atCmdCreate functions. My function is like the following :

adl_atCmdCreate("AT+WIOM=1,\"GPIO23\",1,0\r",  ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE(ADL_AT_UART1, FALSE), rspHandler_Output, "0", NULL);

My application does not flow in rspHandler_Output callback function. What can the problem be?


What if you try

adl_atCmdCreate( "AT+WIOM=1,\"GPIO23\",1,0\r",  ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE(ADL_AT_UART1, FALSE), rspHandler_Output, "*", NULL );



Hello Awneil,
Yes, when i supply “" insead of “0”, it works. But i want to send an information to response handler function, so i thought this parameter is just for it.
Should i always use "
” ? And if yes, how can i send a user data to the response handler function?


I think you need to review the documentation of adl_atCmdCreate():exclamation:

It’s not properly documented, but you use “*” to subscribe to all responses;

See adl_atCmdSendExt()

But, rather than mess about with AT+WIOM, why not just use the ADL GPIO Service :question:


i reviewed the documantation, i could not see any explanation for “*”. So i think i need to use adl_atCmdSendExt function.
Your advice for using ADL GPIO service seems more logical however I feel more comfortable with AT commands.
Thanks for help.


Yes - I just told you that!

But I also told you what the “*” means: it subscribes to all responses.

That is, it tells ADL to deliver all of the responses from the AT command to the handler - note that this has nothing to do with passing information from the adl_atCmdCreate() call to the handler!

What are you actually hoping to achieve by it?