Cme error 561


We keep receiving a CME 561 error for AT+WOPEN=6,XXXX.

What does it mean?

Module SL6087, Firmware 7.51


Have you looked at the list of error codes at the end of the AT Commands document :question:

Of course :slight_smile: If I ask something else in this forum I’ll remember include these important details.

The only info I was able to find related to this error code is in the release notes of firmware 7.45 and that one also does not have a proper description: … _45_1.aspx
Issue number: 57376

This forum has also a post that mentions 561 which is from 2007: but I’m not sure how applicable that one is to my situation as it is also not clear enough.

Sadly, that is by no means a foregone conclusion.