Cisco 881G-4G MC7304 modem hangs CELLWANFAIL Error

After starting the device (telnet) dump, loopback interface:
Trying, 2003 … Open
VID: 0x1199
APP PID: 0x68C0
BOOT PID: 0x68C0
Interface: QMI
Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
Product: MC7304

… after some time of operation (e.g. 5 min, 1 h, 5 h):
Trying, 2003 … Open

What does error CELLWANFAIL mean, because I’ve never encountered it. Is this SW modem error or host device error string (Cisco router)? I have several devices, the same firmware and configuration. Only this device has a problem. The modem cannot be restarted (reset, power reset, …). It freezes. AT commands cannot be issued. After restarting the device (router), it starts working properly again until the connection is broken, an SMS is received, or the range is lost for a moment after I remove the antenna :).


Please indicate the error on the Sierra Wireless modem side. From the router side, I can handle debug on the router side myself.

CELLWANFAIL is not coming from modem

Thanks for confirmation. Problem with this single modem still exist ;(

probably you need to check with Cisco what CELLWANFAIL means