Em7565 call end reason 3,1075

Hi. I have a Sierra Wireless EM7565 modem (with the latest firmware SWI9X50C_01.09.04.00_GENERIC_002.019_000) which have trouble connecting (with ModemManager-1.10.4 and libqmi-1.22.6 ).

Often, it cannot connect at all and I get this kind of logs:

ModemManager[4004]: <info>  error: couldn't start network: QMI protocol error (14): 'CallFailed'
ModemManager[4004]: <info>  call end reason (1): 'generic-unspecified'
ModemManager[4004]: <info>  verbose call end reason (3,1075): [cm] (null)

My question is: what does mean the error code 1075 ? Where can I find this information ?

I reported the problem to the libqmi gitlab but they can’t do anything about that as the error comes from the modem.

it means “Expiration of the PDP establish timer with a maximum of five retries”

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Thanks a lot. Is there a document listing all the error codes ?

Those documents are released by Qualcomm.