Check credit

Hi all,

i’m using the Q2686-Modem with a prepaid-SIM-Card.
Now i have the problem, that i don’t know how to find out my credit left on SIM-Card.
Here the problem is described, but only solved with AT-Commands, is there no ADL-Command?

As I said in the post you quoted,

So, if you don’t know how to find your remaining credit, you are going to have to ask your specific Service Provider how to do it - it has nothing to do with Wavecom or Open-AT.

See above - there is no standard way to do this, so there obviously can’t be an ADL API specifically to do it!

But, of course, you can handle AT Commands & responses with ADL…

If your specific Service Provider uses SMS, you can, of course, use the ADL SMS Service to do the same thing.

Hi awneil,

the code is known (Switzerland Swisscom *130#), i hoped for an adl-command in the style

ascii* adl_getServiceData(ascii* serviceCode);

I use at-commands then

thank you

Yes - wouldn’t that be great! :smiley:

But, as already noted, there is no such thing as a standard “Service Data” applicable to any and all GSM operators:

  • Some don’t provide the facility at all;
  • Some use USSD (as here);
  • Some use SMS;
  • Some probably use other things

So, unfortunately, there would be no way to provide such and ADL facility. :frowning:

And, of course, it would only be meaningful on pre-pay services…