Balance information message

hi sir,
Iam using Q2686RD modem,
in that i called 'adl_atCmdCreate()'function

ascii * atstr=“ATD12310#”; // gprs balance checking for “AIRTEL”
u16 rspflag = TRUE;
ascii Golbal_buffer[500];

adl_atCmdCreate(atstr, rspflag, rsphdl );
bool rsphdl(adl_atResponse_t * Params)
wm_sprintf(Golbal_buffer,"%d \n %c \n %s \n %c\n", Params->Dest, Params->Type, Params->StrData, Params->NI);
adl_atSendResponse ( ADL_AT_UNS, Golbal_buffer );
return TRUE;

but in that strData buffer i can’t get the network inforamation instead of that iam getting only OK responce.
so could you please suggest me how can i get the balance check information message from that and what variable that stores the inforamation of balance check info.

thank you in advance …

That is correct. That is the complete response to the ATD command.

What you need to do is to capture the unsolicited response which comes later giving the information you require…

Note that this is actually doing a USSD request - so it might be easier using AT+CUSD:question: … edit#p2370

thanks awneil… for giving valuable suggestion for me its really helpful.

You’re welcome! But did you mean to press the ‘+1’ button - rather than quoting your own post…?

but …
sir i have some problem with SD card interfacing with the GSM module…i already posted some part of the code in this forum please suggest me how can i solve this problem…

the main problem is coming at writing and reading from sd card.

You already have a separate thread on that: