Get AT!GSTATUS? information

Hi everyone,
I am trying to get the Rssi value from the AT!GSTATUS? command, but when I try to parse the information, adl_atCmdSend always return a RspID = ADL_STR_ERROR in the response and I get an “ERROR” string instead of the AT!GSTATUS? content.

I use the adl_atCmdSend this way:
ret = adl_atCmdSend((ascii *) command, (adl_atRspHandler_t)my_callback);

And in my_callback function, when I print the RspID, the length and the StringData of the response, I always get 6, 10 and ERROR!, respectively.

Am I using the adl_atCmdSend correctly? Is there any way to get this value with other adl function? (I’ve used the AT+CSQ command but when I apply the conversion factor (rssi=2*“value_read”-113) it seems to be less accurate than the rssi read from AT!GSTATUS?.

Hi gvega,

To my understanding, ADL API supports AT command listed in associated AT cmd guide only:,-d-,52/

!GSTATUS is not listed so ADL return ERROR…