Changing firmware on Linux

Has anyone had success upgrading/changing firmware versions on a card like the MC7354? I have been trying to find instructions on how to change my cards firmware so I can use it on AT&T instead of Verizon, but everything I eludes to an SDK I cannot seem to find, or a Windows program like Skylight. I did download Skylight on my Windows 7 machine, but was unable to get the program to recognize my card attached using a PCI to USB adapter. I do not need to change carriers on the fly or even use the model with more than one carrier, I just need to change the firmware on my current board

The SDK is here: … 00,-d-,07/

Note that uou need the GobiNet + GobiSerial drivers too if you are going to use the SDK. There is a download link further down on that page

You can also update the firmware with qmi-firmware-update from a recent libqmi, using the mainline drivers: … ate.1.html

I believe this is what i was looking for. Thank you for showing me this, I will edit this post with an update once I’ve had a chance to play around


I had a chance to play a little bit and think its best to go with a windows computer and a usb to pci express adapter. By the time I cross compiled the library over to my dev board and actually updated the firmware I could have just as easily used skylite. My problem now is I cannot get windows to recognize my modems… either of them. I think it is the kind of usb interface i’m working on


Have a good day. How about current status either that module VID and PID are shown in linux/ubuntu hardware address ? If still shown that means that module is still function. Could you elaborate more about that module on windows environment such as hardware model, OS release. Could you verify ether “qdloader port” are shown inside serial port windows device manager ? If does that means that module was brought up at “boot and hold” mode and waiting for firmware flashing.

I have been unable to get the VID and PID to show in ubuntu. I am running windows 7 64 bit SP1. I ordered two different adapters today and they should be in tomorrow. I will see if it was the adapter then. Thanks for your response and have a pleasant day