MC7354 Is Not Recognized By Windows 7 + USB Adapter

I want to preface this by saying my modems will ultimately end up on linux boxes, but it is easier to use windows to change firmware versions then command line linux. I have a usb to PCI device that I used to use with a hard drive, when I connect the MC7354 to the adapter board then plug that adapter board into my computer, It keeps showing up as a usb mass storage device. I have downloaded the GenericDriverSetup_Build4581 drivers as well as the latest version of skylight. Unfortunately, nothing I do seems to get the card recognized. Could it be the interface card I am using for the setup? Or something more complicated…

Also, for those of you that regularly work with these cards, what do you use to interface them temporarily with your computers?

Well, if you say so…

I think you just proved yourself wrong.

Im really not trying to get into a linux vs windows flame war. It will in fact be tougher to change firmware on an arm based linux operating system that doesn’t have a full version of libqmi, than it would to do it in Windows. If you have any information about how YOU interface your card with your PC please let me know…

I appreciate that. I was just a bit amused by the claim followed by a failure to use Windows. Sorry about that - I’m easily amused :slight_smile:

If it makes any difference, I’m equally amused by all the Windows users who claim it’s easier to boot into Linux and run a perl script I wrote to switch USB composition instead of simply using the Windows driver installer option. Makes no sense to me, but if they are happy then everyhtng is fine.

I am sure you are right. But the difference is embedded vs PC. That wasn’t exactly clear from your initial post.

Exactly how easy it is to get a recent libqmi into an arm based system depends a lot on the system. And we don’t know much about your system. So if you say it’s tough then we just have to believe you. But it has definitely been done on arm based systems before. Aleksander has even packaged ModemManager along with libqmi and libmbim for OpenWrt: … rt-take-2/

Hey no worries, I too get easily amused over these matters XD. Thanks for your information and you are right, I blame embedded Linux and not full on Linux. My system is a Gateworks Ventanna board running OpenWRT. I haven’t got cross compiling set up on my current Ubuntu machine and that’s really why I would rather use Windows. I use both daily so I love both for what they are and what they are not. I appreciate your response, you guys have helped me a lot since I got started working on this.