Change P65g09gg.GL6100 firmware to R7.43 in GL6100

We manufactured measurement devices with GL6100 modems in 2010 with a custom Open AT apllication based on R7.43 firmware. Now we have to ship replacement devices and bought new GL6100 modems last month. We tried to download our old Open AT app through XMODEM but it said “*** ERROR IN HEADER ***”. After some investigation we figured out that the newly purchased modems don’t support DWLF images but only BINCOM. The current firmware in the modems is P65g09gg.GL6100.

Is it possible to change PB65g09gg firmware to R7.43 someway ?

you need to use AT+WDWL to download the dwl firmware via XMODEM protocol:,-d-,47,-d-,6-package/#sthash.1DSM4Hzc.dpbs

After that you can need to recompile your OpenAT application in this FW version 7.47.6.

It doesn’t work. It says *** ERROR IN HEADER ***. Neither the modem firmware nor the custom app could be downloaded. There is a strange firmware version (P65g09gg) in the modem and it does’nt recognize DWL files come with R7.4X.

what SKU of GL6100 has you ordered?
I don’t see any SKU is using P65g as FW

BTW, what did you see for ATI3 and AT+WSSW?

P65g09gg.GL6100 1966676 122110 06:51


P65g09gg.WMP100F 00A6016CAE5DC7FF


do you want to try this downloader of R7.47.6 which might help to upgrade the FW to R7.47.6?

dwl.dwl (54.2 KB)

(I don’t sure if it will brick the module as i have never tried on this old FW P65g. You need to take some risk)