Can't install packages - OSX


Is anyone aware of any platform dependencies that would hinder the installation of packages when running 1.1.2 M2M Developer on Eclipse Gallelio on OSX (Snow Leopard)? M2M installed successfully using update site method onto an existing Eclipse install but when trying to install packages via the package manager I get “impossible to install” error message with no real details.

I have replicated the process on my Windows box (also install onto an existing Eclipse install) and everything seems to work fine.

I could try a reinstall but thought I’d ask the question before downloading M2M Developer for the 3rd time via Eclipse update :slight_smile:



Developer Studio is not supported on OSX.
Even if you were able to install it, and if there was no package installation bug (since it sounds like this), bundled compilers are only provided for Windows & Linux environments.

There is currently no plan for an official OSX support… Until we get the evidence that there are enough OSX users to justify it :wink: