[1.1.2] Impossible to install selected packages

Yo. I have the modem project on hold these weeks, but when I saw the announcement I jumped to check it out.
I had almost fresh 1.1.1 install with 2.32.0 packages installed on folder outside program files (to not have spaces in the name and to escape possible permission errors) on Windows 7 x64. Ran the update and it successfully installed 1.1.2, I was able to clean and build my project with no problems. Then I went to package manager, uninstalled everything in 2.32.0 and added 2.33.0 (yes, I enjoy being with latest stuff, my mistake). Every package installed, but “Open AT OS Package (”. The error I’m getting is:

I tried several times, removing partially installed, selecting only that OS package, nope, tried to install the OS package from 2.32.0 with no luck too. Tried running m2m studio as administrator too, same.

I’ll probably just delete everything and do a clean install, I’ve got used to do it anyway, but going to keep it for a while in case you want something from that broken installation that may point to what’s wrong so other users are not frustrated by similar problem.

ps: to save awneil another post I’ll do “sigh, eclipse” :smiley:

edit: I installed the “Open AT OS Package (” 2 times from the 2.31.0.RC1 pack without a problem… so there is something wrong with the newer ones.

edit2: I just found that another executable showed in m2m studio folder - m2mstudioVista.exe. I tried to run it too, but it is giving the error:

And then closing. Dunno if that matters, but better report it.

Please can you have a look to the error log?
(window > Show view > Other… > General > Error log; or the /.metadata/.log file)
You should have more details on what is going wrong.

I suspect an “(not clean) uninstall + reinstall” problem…

It’s a side-effect of the update.
If you’re running on XP, don’t care about it.
If you’re running on Vista/7, you should delete/archive m2mstudio.exe, and rename m2mstudioVista.exe to m2mstudio.exe. (This is needed to grant Developer studio with the required privileges in order to be able to launch Selima on theses platforms).

Hey that error view proved useful. The error is:

I opened the said location, the folder indeed existed and inside there were 2 empty folders… I guess something failed to completely remove them for some reason, manually deleting them solved the issue.

To report latest stuff: even when I got the packages installed, and the dev studio working, it was building the project several times slower with nothing but it working on the system, and the “vista” version still refuses to run at all. So I just deleted it and did a clean 1.1.2 install and everything is great, compile times are back to few seconds, the vista version works. So the general advice - just do clean install.