Cannot unsubscribe adcell

I can not subscribe an adcell again after modem reset, if the cell was not used for upgrading the modem sw.
Before reset, I call adl_adUnsubscibe successfully (in trace, I got the answer OK).
I got ADL_AD_ERROR_ALREADY_SUBSCRIBED, so I can’t use the adcell area again. Only after sending AT+WOPEN=3 will it be useable again.
If using for modem sw upgrade, and finishing it with adl_adInstall (and of course after successfull install message) I can subscribe for that cell, and delete it.
I’m using Q2686RD with fw7.46.
Any idea?

There was another adl_adSubscribe hiding in the code…

So have you managed to solve the problem? It’s not clear from your post. I used to have the same problem and wanted to share my experience, but if you’ve done it - congrats.