Cell handle is lost


Hi ,
I have subscribed for a cell and after some process(not related to A&D memory) I am unsubscribing this cell.when again i wanto get information of the same cell I am getting error “ADL_RET_ERR_ALREADY_SUBSCRIBED” on attempt to subscription. How do i get the existing handle for this cell if its already subscribed.


I understand there is not reset between the two subscriptions. If that’s rigth you must store the handler between process, for example as global variable. You need the handler also for unsubscribing.


But I am unsubscribing the cell after i read that cell everytime. But some tmies even after i have unsubscribed it its giving ““ADL_RET_ERR_ALREADY_SUBSCRIBED”” and I dont no why its giving like this… not only this one but some times the adl_fcmSubscribe() for GSM flow is also giving the same error while subscribing. In such cases how do i get that handle if at all its already subscribed.


Check adl response when you unsubscribe, as a trace or as a program check.
Maybe in some of the processes before the unsubscription you call a process that needs the same cell.
Without more data I can’nt give you more help… :slight_smile: