ADL_RET_ERR_ALREADY_SUBSCRIBED when the cal is made freshly


Hi ,
when i make a data call i get the event “ADL_RET_ERR_ALREADY_SUBSCRIBED”. what is the reason for this ? actually in user guide its mentioned that the GSM flow will be unsubscribed automatically once the call hangs.
find my code for ur analysis

void Receive_call()
	s8 Temp_g_cFCMGsmhandle;
	g_ucAnDSubscribed = 0;

	if(OK == adl_adUnsubscribe(pstTempAndSt->AnDHdls));

	g_ucClientIntrpt = g_ucServeIntrpt = g_ucTrnsprntIntrpt = 0;
	Temp_g_cFCMGsmhandle = adl_fcmSubscribe( ADL_FCM_FLOW_GSM_DATA,(adl_fcmCtrlHdlr_f)Gsm_CtrlHandler,(adl_fcmDataHdlr_f)Gsm_DataHandler );
	TRACE((1,"Temp_g_cFCMGsmhandle : %d...",Temp_g_cFCMGsmhandle));

	if(Temp_g_cFCMGsmhandle >= 0)
		g_ucCallAnswerFlow = 5;
		TRACE((1,"FCM_GSM is being subscribed for first time.."));
		g_cFCMGsmhandle = Temp_g_cFCMGsmhandle;

	else if(Temp_g_cFCMGsmhandle == ADL_RET_ERR_ALREADY_SUBSCRIBED)

		g_ucCallAnswerFlow = 10;
		TRACE((1,"FCM_GSM is already subscribed..%d",Temp_g_cFCMGsmhandle));
		TRACE((1,"And the already subscribed handle is..%d",g_cFCMGsmhandle));

		if(OK == adl_callAnswer())
			TRACE((1,"adl_callAnswer() Success"));
		//if(OK == adl_fcmUnsubscribe(g_cFCMGsmhandle))
		//g_cFCMGsmhandle = adl_fcmSubscribe( ADL_FCM_FLOW_GSM_DATA,(adl_fcmCtrlHdlr_f)Gsm_CtrlHandler,(adl_fcmDataHdlr_f)Gsm_DataHandler );

		//g_ucSubscribeonUnsubscribe = 1;

		g_ucCallAnswerFlow = 15;
		g_ucDataCallRequired = 1;

			if(OK == adl_callAnswer())
				TRACE((1,"adl_callAnswer() Success on ADL_FCM_RET_ERROR_GSM_GPRS_ALREADY_OPENNED"));
		TRACE((1,"FCM_GSM is already Opened..%d",Temp_g_cFCMGsmhandle));



Hey some one pls reply … atleast tell me if u have faced the same problem with wavecom… recently I spoke to one fargo(wavecom distributor in India) person who said he also faced the same problem but could not get the solution and later he kept the auto answering to the modem… But i have to subscribe fo the flow if i need to handle the incoming data and also to send the data using gsm handle… pls some one help me plssssssssssssssssssssssssss


As far as i know, this is not a known problem and i have never faced it… It seems to be linked with the way you are handling the data… could you please take a look at “Remote_Terminal” sample provided with the SDK. I think it might be of some help… And have you checked the traces…??? may be the problem is much clearer to understand from the traces…

Regards, Paruthiv


Hey I observed dat som times the GSM flow wont be unsubscribed after the data call released… u can try it in this way. as soon the application starts u subscribe for GSM flow and after some time u make a data call n disconnect u can c dat the GSM flow wont be unsubscribed.


It would be automatically unsubscribed when the call is disconnected from the remote side… if you are disconnecting from the Wireless CPU side , then you will have to unsubscribe it. In case, you are seeing this error after the call is disconnected from the remote side, then check in the traces if you receive “ADL_FCM_EVENT_FLOW_CLOSED” event and then make the next call …

hope it helps…