In Q24 Plus

In my application during fresh start up of application Data call working fine i am able to subscribe for
adl_fcmSubscribe((adl_fcmFlow_e) ADL_PORT_GSM_BASE,cntrlhdlr,datahdlr); for my data call transactions

    result is success;

After any transaction of GPRS if any new data call comes i am unable to subscribe to above function for data call transactions.

It gives me the return value


 Data call transaction not happening after this above result

But i have not subscribed this flow (GSM_GPRS)in my application.

How to unsubscribe this flow(GSM_GPRS).

How to track the GSM_GPRS flow closed or which handler will give the result of GSM-GPRS flow closed.

Is WIP_BEV_STOPPED case will be flow close of GSM-GPRS

And also i observed in TMT some TRACES related to GPRS coming by its own

Please suggest

It is weird but GPRS and CSD work together only if one of them is used from OpenAT and the second from the AT interface…

Yes, I think it is ADL that has the problems - it is not a limitation of the underlying firmware or hardware…?

i observed

when i receive trace WIP_BEV_STOPPED after GPRS session end then Data call and fcmsubscribe works fine .

If i not received WIP_BEV_STOPPED then Data call will results (ADL_FCM_RET_ERROR_GSM_GPRS_ALREADY_OPENED) during GSM subscribe and no transaction in GSM data CALL.

Will wipbearer_abort() function will resolve this issue ( will release gsm_gprs Flow).

Some times i never receive WIP_BEV_STOPPED. Then both GSM and GPRS flow will not happen . should i reset the module?

First, you should search the forum for “WIP_BEV_STOPPED” - I’m sure this scenario has been discussed before, and less drastic solutions have been proposed.

Resetting the module should only be your last resort after all else has failed.

Dear Awneil could you give the link related to this topic. I searched lot in the form but unable to find it.


Now we are updating from Q24Plus to Q2686. Is the problem “GSM & CSD work together” resolved.

Can i use both GPRS and CSD using OPenAT interface in Q2686.

Dear Awneil will Q2686 come out with this limitation?

You just quoted me as saying that I think it is not a hardware issue :exclamation:

I mean to say that limitation of using both GPRS & CSD working together in OpenAT interface. Had comeout in Q2686?

That’s what I’m saying: it has nothing (AFAIK) to do with the Q2686 - that is the hardware.

The question you should be asking is, “Has this limitation been fixed in any version of Open-AT?”

You could try looking at the Open-AT Release Notes to see if it is mentioned; or ask your Distributor

Thank you Awneil

I can tell that all versions of OpenAT and OASIS had the same issue. So it is tricky or even impossible to use both GPRS and CSD from within OpenAT.

For future reference, what is the latest (current?) version to which that applies?

Latest version with this issue I tried was SDK 4.26 with firmware 6.63d.
Latest OASIS version I tried was SDK 2.11 with firmware R72 but I haven’t experimented with it a lot.

Below it the My Q2686 version