Can’t receive invitations with my company


We are a company of 13 people, and everyone has an Octave account to connect to mangOH. But recently we wanted to unify the management, but my account did not receive invitations.
(click on the company name >> “show pending invitations” didn’t show new invitation)
Any idea?


Hi Albert,

Could you add the compnay name you are referencing in this post?

Also, be sure to check your email spam folder for the invitations.

Hi djudkins,

Thank you for your reply.
I can receiver invitations mail inbox, but I can’t get invitations on Octave.
my company name is “fortune”.

btw,I find my “user” information that not show email.
Does this normal on the Octave?(as figure)


Hi Albert, Your user in Fortune Tech System Ltd., (Taiwan Branch) does not have an email associated with it. That is very curious. I can invite you to join this company and then you could create a user with an email?

Hi djudkins,

Sure, Can I send my email address to you with other way? I don’ t want to display my email address on this post…

I can create account by my company email.


Send an email to

Hi David

We have seen the same issue at Linkwave for users that were created back in October 2019 - for example

I have been unable to fix this. My User name john_thompson was associated with a few companies. Deleting john_thompson didn’t fix the issue. At the moment I abandoned john_thompson and created a new totally fictional user as a workaround.

Thanks John,

I will let Albert try creating a new userid and will create a JIRA Ticket for this situation.