Can not catch gsm disconnection



My module can not catch +CREG: 2 response!

Simply, my module registers gsm network. When module receives +CREG: 2 unsolisited response(gsm disconnection) it logs a record accourding to the event. When i able to read the logs today, i see that module established gsm registration on 3rd of September but catched +CREG: 2 response on 8th of September! Between 4th-8th i could not connect my module by gsm(call).

So i think that module can not catch gsm unregistration and it still thinks that gsm connection is alive. And this state takes even 5 days!
I suspect that this stuation happens on a particullar area. Because these kinds of problems happens most in a particular city. So that makes me think the problem can be related to the gsm network.

I want to know that anyone experiences the same stuation and how to make a solution.
Module: Airprime Q2687RD, FW: R7.43


Edit: not gprs it is gsm.


Are you also looking for other +CREG: responses that would indicate loss of registration?
eg 0, 3 ?

Do you monitor +WIND: 7 and 8 ?

If you suspect that the module is missing unsolicited responses, perhaps you should try polling the +CREG state explicitly?

Could it receive SMS?


Yes of course, i check other responses too.

I also execute AT+CREG? command for every 15 seconds.

It can not receive SMS either. It completly loses GSM registration, can not reregister to the network and AT+CREG?, +CREG unsolisited responses seems fine.

I dont monitor these responses. I will look for them in the documantation incase they will help to understand the problem.