GSM Not working

im using Q2501. the initialization of GSM is fine. but, it loses GSM coverage when it goes to GSM shadow. wat’s the AT command to check the status of GSM registeration? i tried +CREG? but, once it’s registered, it’s not able to change status when coverage’s lost.
is there any adl command that can be used? the adl_simGetState() won’t help as it can say whether the sim is inserted or not.
Also, the +WIND: 8 message that indicates network is lost or the +WIND:0 message indicating sim removal in between the power up of the device does not pop-up on the hyperterminal.
It’s urgent. can someone help me out?

S. Vanee

Sonething’s wrong there!

AT+CREG? most certainly should give the current registration state; for example:

+CREG: 0,1     -- Registered, Home Network

               -- Antenna disconnected here

+WIND: 8       -- Network Lost

+CREG: 0,2     -- Not registered, searching.


You can enable unsolicited +CREG responses - then you’ll be advised whenever the registration state changes.

Have you enabled them?
They are disabled by default…

how to enable unsolicited creg & wind?

This is all in the AT Commands Interface Guide - you have to read it!

For use with an Open-AT application, be sure to read the section “Inner AT commands configuration” in the ADL User Guide

My wavecom Q2501B was working well but suddenly it stops responding. Evev it doesn’t echos the typed character. even then it continuously sends the WIND:3 then WIND:0.
What could be the problem…
If anybody have any idea please do let me know.