Network Registration

Sorry if this is a begginner question, but I cant seem to get this dev kit to obtain service.

Does the module automatically get service on boot up?

at+csq is always 99,99

creg is always 1,0

The antenna is connected, and I know the sim is working because it is able to get service on a modem.

Is there some special procedure to make this thing register?


Do you have a pin enabled on your SIM card? Network registration does not happen until the SIM module is ready.

Check if the sim is waiting for a pin code by using


This should return


if the SIM module is ready. Check out the doco for what the other error messages mean.

The SIM card is not ‘Locked’ to the phone? (i.e. some pre-paid accounts lock the sim to the phone and the network). If so, you’ll have to get an unlocked SIM…

Also turn on extended errors using


This will give you error numbers that can be looked up in the AT command doco, rather than just ‘ERROR’.

Also, the type and location of your antenna can make a difference to how long it takes for the module to register with the network.
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You mean AT+CREG? always returns +CREG: 1, 0 :question:

The response format is +CREG: ,
=1 means +CREG: unsolicited responses are enabled;
=0 means “not registered; not searching”

What other unsolicited +CREG: responses do you get after re-starting the module?

What does AT+COPS? return?

On powerup, I will do:

+CREG: 0,0

+COPS: 0


I will then do:

+CREG: 1,0

+COPS: 0



This is for “PLMN selection failure, emergency calls only”

Do you think there is some hardware issue and it was just a defective dev board?

I can use the same sim, and antenna on a Siemens board and can achieve registration, but this board with the wavecom seems to never try to even register.


AT+WIND=32767     -- enable all WIND indications

AT+CREG=2         -- enable unsolicited CREG responses

AT&W              -- save settings

AT+CFUN=1         -- restart the module

Then you should get a series of unsolicited responses to show you what’s happening as the unit starts…

Also try AT+COPS=? to get the list of available networks (note that this can take 30s or so to respond).

Is your DevKit properly configured with a valid IMEI that your operator will accept?

I’ve done the following:


+WIND: 3

+WIND: 13

+CREG: 0

+WIND: 1

+WIND: 16

+WIND: 4

+WIND: 10,"SM",0,"FD",0,"ON",0,"EN",0

+WIND: 11,,,,,"28C8868A4315E73F16BAF5766F4155A4","30F5634B16FDC71A605D42F1F384420C"

It seems to just not connect.

after trying “at+cops=?” the unit responds with : +CME ERROR: 30, “no network service”

I’m not sure about the IMEI configuration. I will try to see where I can set that value.

if the imei value is not something like 1234567… etc… it should be acceptable for your provider.

That means the unit is not registered, and is not trying to register.

Is the unit correctly configured for the available frequency bands in your area?

I think you should be talking to your Distributor about this - they should be able to talk you through the sequence, and diagnose any problems. They might even be able to pay you a visit.
I’m not sure about the IMEI configuration. I will try to see where I can set that value.
The IMEI is supposed to be globally unique - no two GSM devices anywhere in the world should ever have the same IMEI.

Hence you should not be able to set the IMEI!
But I gather that some DevKits may be delivered with a “default” or “dummy” IMEI - and some networks may refuse to recognise such a device.
Again, check with your Distributor

Be sure to do a AT+CPIN?

At one stage I had the problem that the logic for the SIM detect pin was inverted so that the Wavecom CPU didn’t detect that I had inserted the SIM. If this is the case, you can do a at+wfm=0,7 to turn off the SIM detection feature. (at+wfm=1,7 turns it back on)

The “No Network Service” suggests you are getting no signal - maybe your antenna is faulty.

No, it’s not that:

+WIND: 1

+WIND: 10,“SM”,0,“FD”,0,“ON”,0,“EN”,0

+WIND: 11,“28C8868A4315E73F16BAF5766F4155A4”,“30F5634B16FDC71A605D42F1F384420C”

all indicate that the SIM is present & correct.

I found the problem. The default setting for the Band was not set to USA.

How do you change the Band ?

You could start by searching in the AT Commands Guide for “band”

I found it I was looking in the wrong document.


my bad.

Thanks again