Can I use edlib on firmware 6.57?


I have developed an application wiht OPEN AT 3.02 and firmware 6.51 for Q2501b module
I want to download this application in modules with 6.57 firmware. I have tried to recompile my application with OPEN AT 3.16 but I cannot find a way to include the edlib. The wmnew script fails.
Does anybody know any solution ?


hi zaq - Wavecom doesn’t guaranty that Edlib will be working on the 6.57 FW which is now outdated as you have some update available

But I think you can get to the stack supplier to get some compatible verison of the stack with 6.57 FW and later upgrades or you might want to switch to WIP IP stack. there is some proting guide that Wavecom made available…

Hi Kaliwing

Thanks for the reply

I think that porting would be the best solution in order keep track with the future firmware upgrades from Wavecom.
I hope it won’t be very difficult