Bx3105 BLE not able to advertise Continuously

I am using Bx3105 module by Sierra with UART interface, and I am trying to connect and disconnect the BLE device name continuously after some time BLE is stop advertising. and I’am able to get connect or disconnect indication up to some iteration. let me know if you have any answer.

regards ,
Adrush Rawal

Hi @adrush,
I am not sure about the issue you are getting. Please help provide more detail to understand the situation

At that point, the module is starting or stopping advertising? (what is AT+SRBLEADV=1 or 0 ). As my knowledge, if the module stops advertising, it cannot connect to the other

It means the module is getting the connected/disconnected notifications like below
It is very nice if you can share the log to reproduce the issue then we can share my solution