Bx3105 wifi+Bluetooth

Hi all,
I am using bx3105 Dev kit by Sierra,using that I’m connecting server through wifi,same time I like to print the bill using Bluetooth printer,is it possible to handle wifi and bluetooth at a same time?? Kindly give me suggestions.

Hi @kumarasimhan333,
Bx3105 supports Wifi and Bluetooth are active so it is possible to handle them at the same time
Please share if you have any concerns and help tick Solution if your question is answered

Our software engineer saying if we want to use blolutooth when it connected to server through wifi,we need to disconnect wifi and only we can perform bluetooth.is it true??

I have done on Bx3105 with the commands below, my module is currently connected to the phone-1 (via wifi) and phone-2 (via Bluetooth). You can tried on your and share if any concerns

at+srbtsystem=3 /// Enable BT system mode BTDM (BLE & BT Classic)
AT+SRBTCPROFILES=7 ////Enable all BTC profiles
AT+SRBTSTATE=1,2 /////Set device to be connectable and general discoverable
at+srbtname? /// Check Local Device’s Bluetooth Name
+SRBTNAME: “BX310x-200AFE”
+SRBTPAIR: “d8:ce:3a:80:8e:df”,1
+SRBTPAIR: “d8:ce:3a:80:8e:df”,1
at+srsppcfg=“d8:ce:3a:80:8e:df” ////Establish SPP connection to remote device
+SRBTCFG: 1,0,“d8:ce:3a:80:8e:df”,SPP,0
at+srsppcnx=1 /////Connect to remote BT device
+SRBTPAIR: “48:2c:a0:0a:55:ad”,1+SRBTCFG: 2,0,“48:2c:a0:0a:55:ad”,SPP,0
+SRSPPCNX: 2,1,129

at+srwcfg=3 ////Configure local device Combined Station + Access Point (Wifi)

AT+SRWSTACFG=“TheEve”,“conheodethuong”,1 ///Configure information and enable autoconnect

at+srwstacon=1 ////Connect to access point that has “ssid” = “TheEve”
OK+SRWSTASTATUS: 1,“TheEve”,“4a:2c:a0:d0:55:ad”,6,3,-34+SRWSTAIP: “”,“”,“”

Please share any concerns you have

Thank you sir I will check with this and will back to you.

I discussed with our software engineer,they connect in with server in transperant mode(data mode),so if we want to connect with Bluetooth they need to disconnect from server to switch from data mode to command mode.kindly give your comments on it.

Thanks for your information. I am not sure about your solution (BX3105 connects to server via data mode). But as you said, when the module is in data mode it is limited to do other actions