BX3105 Sample code for BLE


I have BX3105 module and I found software document for all the AT commands with respect to BLE and WIFI.Now I am trying to develop the application using BLE AT commands.Is there any sample code for this please can anyone suggest how to do this


  1. Download Android application “Melody smart” on Android phone
  2. Set device to start advertising by AT+SRBLEADV=1
  3. Connect to the device from phone
  4. when receive data from phone, you will see +SRBCSMARTRECV: 1,0,“111” on BX31 module
  5. Send data to phone by AT+SRBCSMARTSEND=1,0,“123”
  6. Start remote control from phone by AT+SRREMCTRL=1
  7. in the android application, click “remote commands”, you can now send AT command from phone to control module
    e.g. AT+SRWSTASCN to scan wifi access point

Thanks for replaying,
Please Can you provide sample example code for BX3105 which includes advertising packets also.


Didn’t “AT+SRBLEADV=1” is for advertising ?

Hi jyijyi,
I bought a BX3100 that I wanted to configure the WiFi to transmit continuously a pseudo-random sequence at a selected power level and selected channel. Same thing for the Bluetooth. Do you knows what are the AT commands and/or the manipulations/update to do? Thanks in advance

I don’t see ant AT command in the guide can have such usage.

Thank you for taking time to reply. Appreciate

Hi jyijyi,
Maybe you can help. I did what you suggested above to nitishvl, it worked. I’m using TeraTerm. Do you know a way to send data continuously? Thank you

you can write a teraterm marco .

Thank you jyijyi…