BUG: RV50X - V4.15.3 - Manual "Switch Active Sim" button only works reliably once after a reboot and then works intermittently

After upgrading to 4.15.3, the manual “Switch Active Sim” button no longer works reliably. It will always work first try after a reboot, but after subsequent tries, it may or may not swap the sim, more than likely it will not even though it says the command was sent ok.
To reproduce:

  1. Restart the modem
  2. Click “Swap Active Sim” - wait for the Active Sim to switch to the other card
  3. Click the “Swap Active Sim” button again.
  4. Repeatedly try swapping Sim cards - eventually it may work once again but it never reliably.
  5. Restart the modem again
  6. Swap the sim again, it will work because the modem has just rebooted.
  7. Try swapping the sim card again, it will only randomly work again now.

It would be really helpful to have this feature working again, the current workaround is to change primary and secondary sim profiles then reboot the device.

Thank you.

Hi @alex.meyer
I tested your case on my RV50X with ALEOS Version 4.15.3 and I didn’t observe the your issue. Could you please try my steps as following:

  1. Restart the modem, Active Sim is Slot 1
  2. “Target SIM Slot” is Slot 2 ==> Click “Switch Active Sim” ==> Click “Refresh” few times and wait for the Active Sim to switch Slot 2
    → Now, the Active Sim is Sim slot 2
    <If you want to change Active SIM to Slot 1>
  3. Change “Target SIM Slot” to Slot 1 ==> Click “Apply” ==> Click “Switch Active Sim” ==> Click “Refresh” few times wait for the Active Sim to switch Slot 1
    → Now, the Active Sim is Sim slot 1


Hi Jerdung, thanks for the reply. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing.
Here’s a video of what I’m experiencing:

I recommend downloading it for the best quality.

You can see it only seems to work sometimes…

Hi @alex.meyer
I can’t watch your video, is there any other way I can watch it?