BC127 Excessive current consumption - has hardware changed?


My last batch of BC127 are consuming 100mA rather than ~10mA. I have verified the rest of the PCB, removed the BC127 and replaced it with a BC127 from a previous batch, and the current consumption goes back to normal.
All are blown at melody 6.1.5, and the old batch and new batch have the same serial # 006-000353.
I’ve tested 25 modules so far, all with the same issue.
In all other respects they work fine, BT, UART, audio out, apt-x etc.
I have tied some PIO to ground on the design, but this has been fine for the previous 300 odd modules /PCBs I’ve used.

Any ideas?


OK, so on further investigation, PIO2 is permanently high on power up. As I grounded it, it was sucking 100mA, which is quite good going for a PIO output.
So issues:

  1. this is not documented in the user guide. PIO 2 is meant to be an input for transport commands
  2. this did not happen in previous builds, has there been a h/w s/w change?
  3. The module was loaded with apt-x and CVC. is this something to do with it?
  4. Is there anybody in Sierra support that reads these messages, or it is just other developers?
  5. where do I report bugs - I used to do this directly with Blue Creation…

If there is a faster more professional way of getting answers please let me know. This is a premium part, and I do expect premium service, well an answer within a week would be nice :slight_smile:


Hi crookwood,

From your description, it’s hard to determine if the issue is HW, SW or Quality related. I suggest you to check with the vendor where you get the BC127. From there, they can check this further with the right channel in Sierra.


Thank you, I’ve done that. Do I report bugs to them too? They didn’t seem particularly interested?


BTW, please advise me the vendor name. Thanks.


Hi @crookwood,

Sorry to ask in this conversation.
I have read your post BC127 Music Manager Issue and I am facing the same issue for another block (User EQ). Given your experience with BC127 and UFE. Did you succeed connecting UFE to Melody directly ? Did you succeed enabling EQ blocks using MM command ?

Thanks a lot,



Discussion is ongoing with you in the other ticket.


Re reporting of bugs/issues/feature requests, yes, this should go through your channel, assuming they are one of our official ones, thay have access to our reporting systems and provide the official route in. The forums are for discussion and informal support.

If you want to message me privately about who your channel is so that we can make sure that they are fulfilling their obligations with regards our agreement with them.