BC127 Evaluation Kit - Updated hardware, old Documentation


I recently purchased the BC127 evaluation board and couldn’t get it to communicate with PC (virtual) serial port (using on board FTDI USB interace) - I had assummed that the kit would be ready and configured to communicate with the PC out of the box.

Looked into the documentation and that also referred to it being plug and play. I thought maybe this kit is faulty but then after looking closely at the actual hardware and the hardware pictures in the kit’s user manual, I saw that the actual hardware has got 4xswitches as SW1 component which isn’t mentioned anywhere in the documentation.

Just took a chance and moved all those switches to the other (ON) position - that made the board communicate with the PC (virtual) serial port.

Althought, I got it working, my worry is that how outdated is the rest of the documentation going to be? We are planning to use BC127 for a high quantity product development and wouldn’t want to let down by lack of support and/or poor documentation.