BC127 - BlueCreation & Sierra Wireless Differences

Hello everyone,

I’m wanting to develop my own custom HFP-HF solution with the BC127. I was going to order Sparkfun’s BC127 breakout board so I could begin prototyping on it. However I noticed that Sparkfun still lists all their BC127s as BlueCreation. Similiar story with Digikey: BlueCreation BC127 vs Sierra Wireless BC127.

Are there any differences in between the two modules, electrically, software, etc? I’m hesistant on buying the older BlueCreation BC127 as it’s datasheet fails to mention anything about ESD, Charge Current or other important electrical characteristics where as Sierra’s datasheet has all that included.

I really don’t want to get burned by buying an older module to learn that I can’t flash the newer firmware, its missing some Melody command or it doesn’t have ESD protection on its GPIO.



No the BC127 is the same pretty much across the board, even if you get an older one it should be upgradeable to the latest 6.x firmware generically speaking.

Sierra did not make any changes when we bought Bluecreation.