BC127 identification

Hello 1
We successfully used Bluecreation modules BC127 for several years in our products.
Now we decided to purchase a new batch of these modules, but here is the question: which one do we use.
After Sierra took over they ship two kinds of modules with chip antenna:

  1. BC127-1103383 (Bluetooth v4.0 Dual Mode)
  2. BC127-HD_1103709 ( Bluetooth v4.2)
    I’ve attached a picture of our module.
    Can anyone help with this quest?


The seven digits on the end refer to the SKU number in our calalog. They are

  • 1103383 - Standard BC127 with 5.0 RC11 firmware.
  • 1103709 - BC127 HD with firmware with 6.1.5 firmware and APTX HD.

It depends what you want/were using in your application before, the parts are the same as before but the HD variant uses a slightly different chip and is far more expensive.