BC127-EXT-APTX ordering part number

Hello all,
Regarding the BC127-EXT-APTX Bluetooth Module part number:
There are 3 different part number on the market-

  1. BC127-EXT-APTX_1104314
  2. BC127-EXT-APTX_1103783
  3. BC127-EXT-APTX_1103784
    Can you please explain what is the difference between all three (If any)?
    Which one is relevant/available for purchase?

Dear nir76 ,

For a list of part numbers BC127, features, and purchases. Please contact your distributor directly for support.

Dear Donald,
Thanks for your quick reply!
I will contact the local representative.


For what it’s worth, the end of the SKU refers to the firmware installed on the unit (as well as APTx/HD/CVC/etc).