BC127 break / fries


I’m using BC127 v7.1 in a proof of concept as companion for bleutooth communication.
After a while (weeks of use in AGHFP, connection and pairing) the module ‘fries’.
A boot UART trame is outgoing evry 200ms with frame error on unwanted baudrate (like 38400b Vs 9600b expected).
I didn’t recieve the official boot trame, the module didn’t execute reset or restore command.
The only way i found to unlock the product is replace the BC127…
I will try the [https://www.digikey.fr/product-detail/fr/qualcomm/DK-USB-SPI-10225-1A/DK-USB-SPI-10225-1A-ND/5269739](http://KIT SPI PROGRAMMER) to save my module

My Hw is quite simple

  • The power is stable from 3V3 LDO.
  • The VREGEN is floating, as eval board.

Thanks for your help,


If you have somehow managed to corrupt the flash to the point that the unit is no longer able to power up then you will be able to recover it with the SPI programmer as you are able to programme the entire flash with this without it being reliant on boot loaders.

With regards the actual issue I suggest you contact your commercial channel to have a design review performed on your hardware and to discuss with an apps engineer.



Thanks, for your message.

I measure a supply leakage of 2.7v on the BC127 rail, in a specific use case condition of switch & re-charge.
This out of specification ’ The VBAT ramp should be monotonic, any dips in the VBAT ramp in the region of 1.6
to 3.1V may cause the module to power up incorrectly.’
Should that cause this ‘fries’ mode ?

I’ll contact directly the commercial channel…