BC127 Reboots Upon Applying Charger, Already Booted With Battery


I’m prototyping out my end application with the BC127 (Running Melody 6.1.5 aptX), and I’ve followed the suggested circuit for battery charging & power (See my actual schematic exerpts below). It powers on just fine and I’m able to enable the charger through Melody no problem, charging the battery and reading battery voltage no problem. However I’ve noticed a bug? Glitch in my circuit? I don’t know, whenever I plug in or disconnect USB power to charge (The VCHG net in my schematics), the BC127 resets and my bluetooth connection drops.

I haven’t been able to find anywhere int he datasheet that mentions special power sequencing for the charger subsystem, but I am following proper power sequencing for VDD_PADS, VBAT, VREGEN & RST# so I’m at a loss.


Any help is appreciated, thanks!


Yes this is a bug in the firmware that we have just fixed. If you go through your technical support channel i.e. your distributor, then they should be able to get their hands on the release for you to test. It is going to be in a new official firmware in May.