BC127 A2DP Problem


I’m having some problems with A2DP, it’s open but it doesn’t play when I put play on my device, only AVRCP it’s playing, is there a way to always force A2DP to start? This is a intermittent problem, I’m not sure about the root, or if it’s a BC127 bug.

Kind regards,

Sarah Vilete

Hey! I’m still having the same issue and I also saw another interesting thing that happen when the A2DP stops responding and I only have AVRCP command, the PIO’s do not respond, so I can’t push play from my device because it’s like the BC does not receive this command, and also if I press play from the phone the command takes a longer time to respond.
Is this a software problem?

Hi @ssmavilete ,
Thanks for raising the ticket.
Can you please share which FW version you are using? If it is not latest, please try to download and install the latest FW at the following link then recheck whether the problem is resolved