bc127 auto play music


I use bc127 to stream music as a source to a bluetooth speaker.
It works great but i would like the a2dp stream to start automaticaly when connected to speaker. I don’t want to have to use music link_id play command if it’s possible?
Or at least I think it’s possible to sent the command remotely from the speaker with hfp I think?
But if there is an automatic start stream parameter it would be great.

thank you

I read documentation and i think i must use the MUSIC command. And to remotely start streaming i have to use gpio2 from a bc127 receiver.
I have a bluetooth speaker with play/pause button but it seems to not be able to start stream, it’s strange…


remote control from speaker by avrcp can pause stream but not play it. Maybe a stanby option is the cause?

Question :

When connected I have this notification : “LINK 10 CONNECTED A2DP xxxxxxxxxxxx SUSPENDED SBC SRC 48000”
The question is why a2dp is suspended at startup? it shouldn’t be? I tried with avrcp on or off…


I am having the same issue after upgrading from a previous version (6.0.32). On my sink device, I am able to stop the transmission but I am not able to start it using the same PIO. I am using a BC128, soldered onto a custom board. I updated to the latest Melody (6.1.4).

What I can do is manually enter MUSIC PLAY on my source device to enable the stream but this is unrealistic for my current application. I need a solution…



I am using a B127-DISKIT board and have upgraded the firmware to version 7.3.

I am having the same issue.
Using the PLAY/PAUSE button (PIO 2) does not have any effect.
ENTERING MUSIC PLAY 11 returns OK, but not “AVRCP_PLAY 11” and “A2DP_STREAM_START 10” I get when pushing the play button on my receiver.

Has anyone found a solution?