BC127 - automatically start an A2DP source stream

I’m trying to get a BC127 module configured as an A2DP source to start streaming as soon as the paired headset connects. Everything is working ok except I have to press a button on the headset to start streaming, I would like for this to happen automatically on the source side so that the user doesn’t have to press a button for it to work. Is there a command I can send to the BC127 via the serial port to start streaming?

My configuration settings are stock plus:
PROFILES=1 0 0 1 2 3 2 1 0 0 1 0

Using Melody Audio V7.3
Build: 1544637564



Pretty sure you cannot do this and you have to command the unit to start streaming from one end or the other.



Thanks for the response. It works fine if I start the stream from the headphones - the receiving unit - but I cannot find a way to start the stream from the sending unit. Play (PIO2) does not work. Looking for a command I can issue to the BC127 module (or sequence of IO pin actions) that will start the stream without requiring the user to press a play button (plus some devices may not even have a play button).


Have you considered the MUSIC command in Melody?



One would think that would work, but the command simply reports OK and does nothing. I have found no way at all to start and stop the stream on the sending device, only pressing the play/pause on the receiving device can start and stop the stream, and it starts up in paused mode.