BC127-HD A2DP problem

Hey guys!

I found this problem that is intermittent, so I don’t know what to do to reproduce it.
The problem is that sometimes the A2DP command does not appear, only the AVRCP, and when that happens the PIO’s stop responding. The only way I got to stop this was to restart the module and it would work normally again, other times I had to reset it two times until I got the normal behavior again.
Is this a software bug? Is there a work around this?

Kind regards,

Sarah Vilete

Hi @ssmavilete ,
Thanks for raising the ticket.
Can you please share which FW version you are using? If it is not latest, please try to download and install the latest FW at the following link then recheck whether the problem is resolved


Hey @LemonGreen !
I’m using the 7.3 firmware.

Hey this is still a persistent problem, do you have any idea how I can solve it?

Dear @ssmavilete ,

Sierra was aware of the problem, the dev team is trying to fix it and provide the fix soon.


Hey @LemonGreen ,
Thanks for the update.
Do you know if this is a bug only on the HD problem, or it’s a bug on all BC127?